Receive custom shift notifications and apply for locum shifts around you

You choose the notifications you want to receive so you'll only be notified about jobs that suit your requirements

Shift Invites

Get invited to locum shifts by pharmacies

Easy to apply

Apply for locum shifts in a few clicks on your computer or through our mobile app

Manage your schedule

View your past and upcoming shifts on a single page

We make invoicing easy

We keep track of your completed shifts so you know where you worked and when

Upcoming Shift Reminders

We'll remind you 24 hours before an upcoming locum shift

What makes The Locum App different from an agency?

Think of us as Uber for locum pharmacists, when you apply for locum shifts you are applying directly with pharmacies who post the jobs. This cuts out agencies completely and means you can build a relationship with and work directly with the pharmacy.

Unlike some agencies, we are also also free to use for locum pharmacists. We don’t charge you to use our app or we don’t take a commission from your pay meaning you can earn more.

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