Find and book locums easily with The Locum App

Running a business is tough enough, but when you need extra staff, you don’t want to spend all day ringing round to find the right person. Instead, you can find and book locums easily with the Locum App.

We designed the locum app to connect pharmacies and pharmacists and revolutionise the way pharmacies find the right people for their vacancies. Designed by pharmacists for pharmacists, the Locum App doesn’t act as a middle man as a traditional employment agency might. Instead, pharmacies post vacancies through our platform, and locums apply for shifts directly to the pharmacy. Pharmacists can input their availability and pharmacies can search their local area for available people.

It’s simple, efficient and it works.

For pharmacies

Manage staff compliance and rotas easily with all the information available in a single platform. We’ll check your staff and locum compliance documents and you can view them all in one place.

Both your pharmacist and locum compliance can be saved together and we’ll check each document as they’re uploaded to ensure all your people are fully compliant with data directly from the GPhC register.

In the app, you can fill gaps easily from your locum database as well as ours and view locum job history quickly to reconcile invoices. Costs are kept under control thanks to our flat monthly fee structure instead of placement fees.

Pharmacies can also make use of our integrated scheduling system. The system enables pharmacy managers to schedule and manage pharmacist rotas; keeping all your information in one place and flagging any gaps early to give you time to fill them.

For pharmacists

By cutting out the agencies, using the Locum App gives you the opportunity to build a relationship and work directly with your local pharmacy. You choose the notifications you want to receive so you’ll only be notified about jobs that suit your requirements.

Within the app you can receive invitations to shifts from pharmacies, apply for available shifts, manage your schedule, and keep track of your completed shifts and invoice your clients. We keep track of your completed shifts so you know where you worked and when and we’ll remind you 24 hours before an upcoming shift.

Our background

We launched in 2016 as a solely app-based platform that connected pharmacies with locums. Over the years we’ve worked with pharmacies around the country and studied the industry to find out what pharmacies need and tailor the app to meet those needs.

The world of pharmacy is changing rapidly as are the needs of pharmacies in the UK. We want pharmacies to be able to focus on their business and patients while spending less time on tedious rota management tasks and filling locum gaps.

We want to make it easier than ever before for locums to be able to see and apply for jobs that they would be interested in and we want to automate and revolutionise the tedious locum recruitment and scheduling process for pharmacies.

We are able to set up custom requirements for clients, so talk to us about how we can help. If you haven’t already, register for the app now and find and book locums easily with the Locum App.