Accepting EU prescriptions in UK post Brexit

Despite the UK reaching a deal with the EU, there is still much uncertainty over what we can and can’t do because inevitably there will be changes to how we operate. For example, FMD, an EU requirement, is no longer a requirement for pharmacies in the UK.

Over the last week, we have heard of many locum pharmacists and pharmacies that have not supplied medication against a prescription issued by an EU prescriber. The government guidelines state that EU and Swiss prescriptions can be accepted in UK pharmacies. 

The standard prescription requirements apply, and pharmacists should identify the prescriber as we have always done. However, these regulations do not affect your right to exercise professional discretion. As a pharmacist, you can decide not to dispense a prescription if you believe: it might not be legitimate; the medication would not usually be dispensed in the UK; the medicine isn’t clinically appropriate, or if dispensing the prescription can put the patient at risk. 

Further information and guidance is available on the government website: